ANCommerce works directly with manufacturers around the world, securing competitive prices to guarantee the lowest rates in the industry.  It is our goal to ensure our customers are receiving products of exceeding quality at affordable rates. Our company exhibits vertical integration providing a wide breadth of products ranging from electronics, cosmetics, jewelry, and much more to combine all consumer needs while managing our service levels. With in-house marketing, logistics and a product development team, our services goes unmatched.



With direct investment in manufacturing plants, ANCommerce is able to purchase products at the cheapest cost.


Our warehouse has the capacity to packages and ships out an average of 30,000 orders a day.


Using inbuilt algorithm and formulas, ANCommerce is able to connect consumers with products they want to purchase.



Mission Statement

ANCommerce’s mission is to be the largest eCommerce company across the globe by providing high quality goods, competitive pricing and top notch customer service.

ANCommerce carries over 20,000 different products across multiple categories including electronics and accessories, apparel, cosmetics and house ware. Our company operates in over 50 countries with satellite offices and warehouses on every continent. ANCommerce since inception, continues to achieve exponential growth. We have ranked North America’s leading company in utilizing social media to identify and establish niche markets and are well recognized for collaborating with leading eCommerce platforms to promote goods.

A Shop For Everything.

Consumer demand for online shopping grows continually – we aim to provide all potential products consumers would be interested in. Utilizing one of the largest network of suppliers, ANCommerce is able to acquire and distribute a wide range of products and the lowest price in the industry.


Vision Statement

As the globe goes digital and the consumers are looking online for their shopping needs, ANCommerce’s goal is to be consumers’ number 1 trusted source.




A Multi-Platform Experience

Nothing means more to us than providing our customers with a stand-out online shopping experience that will get them exactly what they need, when they need it. ANCommerce offers  a number of smartphone and tablet-friendly applications, bringing each brand closer to it’s consumers everywhere they go.